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Outsourcing copywriting has become a trend as companies seek to reduce costs and access a global pool of talent. In the Philippines, BPO companies have emerged offering creative process outsourcing (CPO), including copywriting as one of their core services. With a thriving pool of content writers, the Philippines has become a hub for outsourcing blog writing and other web-based copywriting services including:

  • Social media messaging
  • Content writing
  • Search engine optimization needs.


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internationally certified writers

Are you communicating your brand message effectively?

Our Writers Drive Conversions with Expertise

You’ve got only seven seconds to engage visitors on your website, blog, or landing page. If your content falls short, the ‘close’ button is just a click away. Our skilled writers excel at captivating readers from start to finish. Armed with strong English skills and deep insights into conversion psychology, these experts consistently provide quality content for clients in 34 countries. They’re the preferred choice for our global clients, often leading to increased traffic and conversions.

Why outsourcing copywriters to AmazinWorks

Plagiarism free content

We create original content to ensure it's entirely free from plagiarism.

Efficiency Through Team Effort

Teamwork ensures efficient content creation, quality checks, and delivery.

Enhanced SEO Visibility

Optimize content with targeted keywords for better online discovery and reach

Versatile Industry Expertise

Tailored content across sectors for precise engagement.

Superior Content Quality

Expect meticulously crafted, high-quality content that resonates with your audience.

Enhanced Productivity

By outsourcing, you free up resources to focus on core tasks, boosting overall productivity

Hiring models tailored to your convenience

To suit every need and budget, Amazin Works understands the hiring needs of your business and allows you to switch seamlessly between these models whenever you want.

Dedicated Model

Work with a writer who is your exclusive, dedicated resource. Ideal for full-time and part-time requirements.

Dedicated Model

Need a steady and large volume of content? Hire a team of content writers and get a senior Team Lead free.

Hourly Model

Unsure if you have enough work? Opt for our easy hourly hiring model. Purchase bulk hours and exhaust them as per your requirement.

Say goodbuy to content challanges

Effortlessly overcome challenges with Amazin Works’ experts, gaining engaging, high-quality content that leaves hurdles behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get started with a content writer at VE in as little as 48 hours. Just share your detailed requirement with us when you fill up our form. Receive screened CVs of our triple-screened content writers. Interview selected candidates via phone/ video conference or assign tests. Happy with the results? Hire them straightaway and start instantly.

That’s understandable, but with Amazin Works, you can be rest assured. We have one of the most stringent recruiting processes in the industry when it comes to hiring content writers. Only 1% of all the candidates in any hiring cycle ever make it. Every writer who finally makes the cut is someone who has gone through our three-level screening process and tough, extensive tests on grammar, language proficiency and creativity. These are the writers who work for you to give you the content that converts.

Each and every piece of content is proofread by our in-house editors who do a thorough review for grammar, flow and content quality before you receive the finished copy.

Sure! We offer a no-obligation, no-payment free trial in which you can ask our writer to write any 2 pieces of content for you (blog, web page, product description, etc).

We have developed expertise across numerous industries and niches. These are the industry categories that we produce the majority of our content for:

  1. E-commerce: Product descriptions, blog posts, and more.
  2. Healthcare: Medical articles, patient education, etc.
  3. Technology: Tech blogs, software guides, and product reviews.
  4. Finance: Financial articles, investment guides, etc.
  5. Travel and Hospitality: Destination guides, hotel descriptions, travel blogs.
  6. Fashion and Beauty: Clothing descriptions, beauty tips, fashion blogs.
  7. Education: Online courses, e-learning content, tutorials.
  8. Real Estate: Property listings, market trends, real estate blogs.
  9. Food and Beverage: Recipes, restaurant reviews, food blogs.
  10. Automotive: Car reviews, industry news, maintenance tips.
  11. Fitness and Wellness: Workout guides, health articles, wellness blogs.
  12. Entertainment: Movie reviews, celebrity news, entertainment blogs.
  13. Legal: Legal articles, guides, law firm blogs.
  14. Environmental: Sustainability articles, eco-friendly practices.
  15. Nonprofits: Fundraising campaigns, awareness content.
  16. Parenting and Family: Parenting tips, family blogs.
  17. Career and Business: Resume writing, entrepreneurship tips, business blogs.
  18. Gaming: Game reviews, gaming industry news.
  19. Home and Decor: Home improvement tips, interior design articles.

If you don’t see your industry listed here, there is still a very good chance we have at least one writer who is experienced in your industry or niche.

Hire a copywriter with Amazin Works & join 126 businesses have saved 50% with us