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Businesses typically initiate their online presence by adopting organic search strategies (SEO) before delving into search engine marketing (SEM), which comprises paid advertising. Certain firms anticipate SEM to encompass a blend of organic and paid tactics, often seeking individuals with expertise in both. In Vietnam market, the role combining these skills is considered a specialized niche. If your business aims for immediate traffic results, outsourcing PPC services and SEM represents a successful approach.


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Why outsourcing Paid Specialist to AmazinWorks

Paid experts who generate growth

A specialist in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), often known as a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) specialist, is a commonly used job title in local job listings. These professionals typically come from diverse academic backgrounds but usually undergo specialized SEM training after completing their university degrees, which may be in fields like English, Computer Science, or Communications.

The specialized SEM training programs were introduced around 9 to 10 years ago by trailblazing SEO and SEM experts in Vietnam, who established schools dedicated to web development and digital marketing education.

Within these training programs, students are assigned to real SEM projects, where they must apply their knowledge to real-world search challenges. This practical experience enhances their SEM skills, making most graduates fully prepared for employment.

Similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEM is an evolving industry in Vietnam, as it is worldwide. Consequently, SEM specialists in the Vietnam have varying levels of experience, ranging from a few months to 9-10 years:

  • Junior: Junior SEM specialists in Vietnam are typically graduates of certification or diploma courses with up to 11 months of relevant experience.
  • Intermediate: An SEM specialist in Vietnam with 1-2 years of relevant experience is considered intermediate.
  • Senior: Senior SEM Specialists in Vietnam have 2+ years of relevant experience.

Key tools and platforms in the SEM field include Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Google Search Console, Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, Titlecap, Ubersuggest, and SEM reporting programs like SEMrush, Ahrefs, or Moz.


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We create original content to ensure it's entirely free from plagiarism.

Efficiency Through Team Effort

Teamwork ensures efficient content creation, quality checks, and delivery.

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Optimize content with targeted keywords for better online discovery and reach

Versatile Industry Expertise

Tailored content across sectors for precise engagement.

Superior Content Quality

Expect meticulously crafted, high-quality content that resonates with your audience.

Enhanced Productivity

By outsourcing, you free up resources to focus on core tasks, boosting overall productivity

Hiring models tailored to your convenience

To suit every need and budget, Amazin Works understands the hiring needs of your business and allows you to switch seamlessly between these models whenever you want.

Dedicated Model

Work with a specialist who is your exclusive, dedicated resource. Ideal for full-time and part-time requirements.

Dedicated Model

Need a steady and large volume of work done? Hire a team of specialist and get a senior Team Lead free.

Hourly Model

Unsure if you have enough work? Opt for our easy hourly hiring model. Purchase bulk hours and exhaust them as per your requirement.

Say goodbuy to paid media challanges

Effortlessly overcome challenges with Amazin Works’ experts, gaining engaging, high-quality content that leaves hurdles behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing an Paid Media specialist can be cost-effective and provides access to a pool of experienced professionals who can get more quality traffic to your website

Look for specialists with a proven track record, relevant experience, and expertise in your industry. Request references and case studies to evaluate their performance.

The cost varies based on the scope of work, the specialist’s experience, and the specific services required. It can be a fixed fee or hourly rate.

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